Campsite on the Crozon Peninsula

In the heart of the Finistere : facing the ocean.

The Crozon Peninsula is the middle dent of the trident shape of the Finistere. It is a peaceful area with almost no traffic. The ocean fights for the land from the North with Brest and from the South with Douarnenez. This geographic particularity will make your walking or cycling day out even more exhilarating! Enjoy the various walking or cycling trails paving the region. Beautiful forests and striking views await, so don’t hesitate to explore this area. From the campsite you are only a few minutes away from the nearby beaches. Enjoy a lovely bath or Swim in those beaches under the Finistere sun! You will be protected from the waves coming from the sea. Those beautiful beaches are the occasion to try a water sport: go to the different clubs in the area, close to the seaside. You can learn windsurfing; sailing catamaran or kayaking. The most famous beaches are watched during summer. Don’t hesitate to ask reception about it before putting your swim suit on.